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With our state of the art wireless communication networks, we can connect your house to your shed, provide WiFi for 10,000 people in a sports stadium, or network your entire farm. The possibilities are limitless

  • Building to building wireless bridge
  • Point to Point Long-Range Links
  • High-speed (gigabit) X-band links
  • Outdoor Campus Hotspots
  • Indoor Mesh Multi-Hotspot Networks
  • Wireless Security Applications
  • Schools, Hospitals, Businesses, Factories, Farms
  • Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs)
  • Fully Legal Cross-Boundary Communications


Case Study: Connorville Station

Case Study: Connorville Station Long Range Wireless Links
Initial Brief

Connorville Station in Northern Tasmania, like many agricultural properties had identified the need for good communication networks in order to innovate and keep pace with technology advances in their industry and become more self sufficient. Mobile phone reception was almost non-existent in their valley, and when they were able to connect to the internet, it was so slow as to be unusable for the purpose of running a business.

Planning and Design

We worked with the Connorville team to implement an innovative solution, involving a long range wireless link to get a signal from nearby Longford, to a transmission station atop a mountain on the property powered by wind and solar, then down into the valley. We then designed and implemented a fibre optic network spanning the whole property, 9.5km of fibre optic cable in total, linking 14 separate buildings. The system allows for similar speeds and capacity that you would expect in the middle of the city, in a rural location.


The installation of the network has opened up a number of opportunities for Connorville. As well as better communcations and access to the internet, they have also been able to install wired CCTV systems, automatic gates, automatic lift pumps and provide reliable WiFi and fast internet access to the property's many residents and temporary staff. Stock monitoring and further irrigation management are just some of the future initiatives that will be implemented.

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