About Mesh WiFi

Mesh Wifi


With mesh WiFi you can move around your whole space, no matter the size, without dropouts, dead spots or having to connect to multiple networks. 


Mesh WiFi is much more reliable than traditional router/booster or plug in range-extender products.

Challenging Spaces

Many buildings, particularly older buildings with thick concrete walls or sheds with lots of tin can pose challenges when it comes to getting reliable WiFi throughout the building. With our mesh WiFi systems we ensure that we identify and address these challenges in the design, ensuring you can get great WiFi everywhere.

Outdoor WiFi

Outdoor WiFi solutions

From backyards to large agricultural properties, our outdoor WiFi solutions feature a long wireless range, are weatherproof and can be installed in just about any location.

Whether you're wanting to play music in your backyard, wirelessly link buildings on a large property, or running an outdoor festival, we will help you design and install a WiFi network that best suits your needs.

Guest WiFi networks

Guest WiFi networks

Perfect for hotels, AirBnBs or anywhere you need to separate public WiFi usage from your private network, or you want to manage when and where people can access WiFi. 

We can design and implement a secure solution to managing guest access control to your WiFi network, whether this be through a free guest network, controlled access, or through a paid WiFi setup.

Some of our clients even use this feature to manage internet and screen time for their families.

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