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Internet services with great customer service

Our single port-of-call and radical accountability approach means you will never again have to spend hours on the phone troubleshooting your internet connection. One call to us, and we can get you connected (in most cases, on the same day), set up and working.

The benefits of including your internet connection in your IT subscription include:

  • No call centres - talk to a real, local person every time
  • No lock in contracts
  • Fast speeds
  • Most customers can get online on the same day
  • Support with setting up your hardware and WiFi network
Internet connection for new builds


Connections for new developments and new builds

Navigating NBN requirements for new developments, new builds, subdivisions and getting new addresses added to the NBN system can be tricky.

We can provide a consulting service which navigates these issues on your behalf and ensures you are compliant with NBN requirements, getting you online quicker once your build is completed.

We can also assist with any issue that is causing challenges with getting online, including address conflicts and more

Internet service options


Internet Service Options

Depending on your location, we will work with you to identify the best internet service option for you. This could include:

  • NBN fibre
  • Fixed wireless
  • Satellite
  • Launceston IT's private network
  • 4G and 5G (including 4G and 5G backup connections)
Backup internet connection


Reduce outages and downtime with a backup internet connection

When internet uptime is critical to your productivity, you should consider a 4G or 5G as backup connection option. 

With our backup internet connections, if the NBN network experiences outages or slow speeds, you can seamlessly transition to a 4G or 5G backup service – keeping your business running and your staff happy.



Help with setting up your hardware and WiFi

Once you have a great internet connection, the next thing to consider is your WiFi network. We can assist with setting up your router and WiFi access points, including sending a technician to you if you need. We can also help you get great WiFi everywhere you need it.

With our indoor/outdoor mesh WiFi systems, you can move around your whole space, no matter the size, without dropouts, dead spots or having to connect to multiple networks. We can also help with guest WiFi networks and challenging spaces.

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