Computer backup


Automatic Cloud Backup for every device

With our cloud-based backup solution, all computers on your network are automatically backed up each night. Backups are then encrypted and stored offsite, safe from any virus, hacker or ransomware attack.

With cloud-backup, you can rest assured knowing:

  • Backups are automatic, there is no need to remember to run them
  • You don't need to worry about keeping backup hardware secure
  • Backup files are securely stored, offsite, in the cloud, separate from your internal systems
IT Disaster Recovery


Disaster Recovery

Have you ever considered what you would do if your business was the subject of a cyber attack? What would be the impact of losing access to your data from a ransomware attack? How much would it cost your business in terms of time, productivity and IT expenses to recover the lost data?

If you have reliable cloud-backup, the impact on your business is likely to be a lot less than if you have no backup solution, or an unreliable backup solution in place.

We support our cloud-backup service with a full disaster recovery service. If the worst happened in your business, we can fly into action and get you back up and running as fast as possible.

Backup for cloud files


Why you should back up your cloud files

Many people believe that if their files are in the cloud, they are safe from attack, and whilst having your files in the cloud is a great step towards securing your data, no system is infallible. Even the biggest and most secure platforms can face issues

It's possible that your files could be compromised by an internal source, such as a malicious user, or a hacker that accesses a device on your network. In these cases it can be very difficult to recover your files, and it often takes a long time.

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