An IT company that puts humans first... How? Through living our core values: Passion, Excellence and Integrity.

Launceston IT Passion


We’re passionate about what we do – we use all of the products that we sell and we stand
behind them. Work is play because we love our work!

Launceston IT Excellence


For us, excellence means that the people in your business are over the moon about our customer service and the systems we provide. We work with you to understand your needs and expectations and then we aim to exceed them as often as possible.

Launceston IT Integrity


Integrity is the lifeblood of our organisation. It means that we do the right thing every time, even when nobody is looking. We build trust with our clients and maintain a strong relationship with clear communication.

How We Work

Like most IT companies, we call ourselves innovative, but we believe true innovation is about looking beyond how to do things differently or better than the past.

We focus on creating new possibilities by thinking first and foremost about the customer experience.

Our model is based on two main concepts:


Radical Accountabilty

Radical accountability means that we take 100% responsibility for ensuring all your IT systems work as well as they possibly can, whatever that might look like. 

Radical accountability means we strive to create a culture of utmost integrity - doing the right thing, even when nobody is looking.

It means we go the extra mile to make sure you are completely free of having to manage any IT issue in your business, that you have access to great support at all times, and that you and your staff have a great experience with your IT.


Single Port-Of-Call
Monthly IT Subscription

With a monthly subscription, you never have to worry about an IT problem or unexpected IT expense again.

You simply create a custom subscription package to suit your business and budget, then sit back and let us do all the work. You and your staff can contact us directly at any time, as if we were your own internal IT department.

Your subscription can include services, software and hardware and always gives you access to our team of IT experts. The best part, there are no lock in terms, giving you ultimate flexibility.


Peter Forrest Launceston IT

Peter Forrest

Founder, Chief Robot Whisperer

Peter's IT career started at the age of 10, when he learned how to 'fix' the family computer, over and over again. The rest, as they say, is history.

Jane Forrest

Jane Forrest

Strategic Guru

Jane doesn't have an IT bone in her body... but she's very good at strategy development, HR, marketing and other boring businessy things. She's also in charge of ensuring the office remains acronym-free.

Andrew Ireland

Andrew Ireland

Head Geek

Andrew is the ultimate IT support technician, having been in IT support roles his entire career (we won’t tell you how long that is, but suffice to say he cut his teeth on an Apple IIE). With many thousands of tech support hours behind him, Andrew leads the helpdesk team with the optimistic motto “there’s always a way”.

Toby Gethin

Toby Gethin

Network Sage

Toby was always destined for a life in IT. Maybe that’s why he’s always a calming presence in the Launceston IT office. Born with a keyboard in his hands and entrusted with problems even the experts couldn’t solve in his first month, Toby is a scarily persistent trouble-shooter who will never give up on solving your IT challenges.

Bhavesh Gopalani

Bhavesh Gopalani

Network Manifestor

Bhavesh is the person that makes your network dreams come true. He can usually be found on-site installing whatever we have dreamed up for our clients. Bhavesh likes things to be done beautifully. His goal is to make sure the final product looks perfect and works just the way you want it.

Hugo Forrest

Chief N00b, Head of Morale

Hugo is working his way up to one day becoming CEO. In the meantime, his main duties are deleting cookies and turning things off and on again.

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