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About Networks and Data Cabling

Your computer network infrastructure is the backbone of your IT systems. Network cabling is the physical infrastructure that connects all the devices on your network. Your network can be wired (fibre, copper or ethernet) or wireless (WiFi).

Network and data cabling is a specialised field that is best handled by an IT professional who understands the way networks operate and is able to understand the big picture of your IT systems.

Launceston IT designs and installs networks and cabling for many types of applications from offices to farms including:

  • Office fitouts
  • New build fitouts for smart wiring, WiFi, CCTV etc
  • Optic fibre networks
  • Wireless networks
  • Indoor/outdoor networks
  • Temporary networks for events
Network design, network installation

Network design and installation

If you're moving into a new space, or looking to upgrade your existing network, we can assist you to design the most effective network for your needs.

We can help you plan the physical infrastructure, ensure your network is secure, supply the correct hardware and equipment and manage the full network installation.

If you choose to sign up for an IT Subscription with us, you can lease your network equipment (such as routers, switches, UPS and access points) for a fixed monthly cost, saving you money upfront and giving you the peace of mind of extended warranty and service.

Outdoor network

Outdoor networks

As technology advances, computer networking is moving outdoors. When designing and implementing an outdoor network, there are extra considerations to make, including weatherproofing, access and security and maintenance. 

We are specialists in design and installation of outdoor networks, from small backyard networks to large scale applications.

For outdoor networks, we use both fibre optics and point-to-point wireless technology and have particular expertise in working with farms to implement solutions that help them innovate and keep pace with the changing agricultural industry.

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