Security Systems Customised To Your Needs

Ubiquiti Security Cameras

Quality Hardware

You will be at-ease knowing you're getting quality hardware from leading brands which ensures reliability and longevity from your security camera system. 

Access On Any Device From Anywhere

You can access live-stream footage and recordings on any device, from anywhere in the world.

Fully Installed

Your new security camera system comes fully installed and working at your home or business premises with our all-inclusive pricing.

High Quality Video & Sound

You can record and store ultra-high quality 4K video, with sound. Plenty of storage means your footage is available for weeks or months.

CCTV Camera Installation


Our Quality Guarantee

Your new security camera system comes with a 12 month warranty for all hardware and parts, plus a 3 month workmanship guarantee.

After the installation, we will ensure the system is working the way you want it, and give you a tutorial on using the software, ensuring you're ready to go.

  • 12 month warranty on all hardware
  • 3 month workmanship guarantee on the installation
  • Help with learning how to use the software
Security Camera Installation


Full Installation Included

We aim to keep the process of purchasing a new security camera system as easy and transparent as possible. That's why all our prices include full installation and configuration including:

  • All cabling
  • Configuration of your new CCTV cameras with your existing network
  • Configuring your devices (computer, smartphone, tablet) to access live-stream and recorded footage
  • Showing you how to use the software to access your footage
Security Camera System Extras

All the extras you need

We've got you covered with all the extras you could need to make the most of your new security camera system including:

  • Battery backup (UPS) to ensure that your cameras work even if power is cut off
  • Monitors, screens or other devices to display your footage
  • Lockable boxes to keep your gear safe and tamper free
  • Movement sensors
  • Sensor flood lights
  • Any gear you may need to connect your system to your existing network
Security Camera Systems

Camera Options

Choose between budget friendly, mid-range and high-quality options for indoor and outdoor applications. Up to 700m range with adjustable focal length, with infrared/enhanced night vision options. 

Business Security System

High Quality Recording

You can record and store high quality video and sound and stream live as well as keep recordings. Our systems can be upgraded to keep your footage for longer periods, depending on your requirements.

Mobile security camera

Access on the go

Your new system will work on any device, so whether you need a permanent monitor display, you just want to check in from time to time on your mobile, or anything in between, we've got you covered.

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